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About Us

Once famous for powder compacts and jewellery accessories from its origins in the UK in 1939, KIGU of London became a globally recognised brand and carried the prestige that drew attention from famous celebrities and the Royal Family. 

With almost 80 years of heritage, KIGU of London has returned to offer a refreshing and exciting range of men's and women's jewellery.  The roots and operations of KIGU remain firmly in the UK, drawing inspiration from the highest quality of design from within the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.  

The combination of the finest sourced materials from around the world and an exceptional standard of craftsmanship help to create, not only the most exquisite piece of jewellery, but a symbol of love, loyalty and happiness that can be worn for all occasions.  These emotive feelings represent the spirit of KIGU. We will continue to strive hard to develop further unique ways of expressing these feelings through the creation of our hand finished pieces.

At KIGU we don't just offer a finished product, but a fulfilling experience that will leave you returning for more. Our competitive prices, excellent customer service and luxurious packaging, sealed with the authenticity and finish of a genuine product of KIGU of London are a testament to this.

Our mission is to continue the heritage of KIGU and inspire a range of jewellery that will influence the trend of fashion for the future, whilst offering the perfect way to express those instinctive feelings of warmth and kindness throughout the world.