Gift Ideas For Girlfriends

The best gift ideas for girlfriends often have something to do with jewellery. Shop our guide for creating personalised pieces that she’ll always treasure.


It seems like there’s always a special occasion around the corner, begging to be commemorated with the perfect gift.

Are You Constantly in Search of the Perfect Gift Ideas for Girlfriends?
The problem? It seems like these situations where you’re searching for the best gift ideas for girlfriends are happening constantly—and you have to reinvent the wheel to outdo yourself each time!

It’s one thing if you’re buying an occasional gift for a friend or work colleague. These people might not even be expecting gifts, which means that even the most simple item will come across as extremely thoughtful. It’s easy enough when the pressure level is set to low! But these aren’t the type of situations that keep men up at night.

Instead, when it comes to dazzling the woman you love during an anniversary or birthday, it can feel disheartening to go back to an empty drawing board every time the next occasion looms near.

For many, jewellery is a reliable staple when it comes to giving gifts that make statements—gifts that show loved ones just how much you love them. Truly, jewellery is one of the best gift ideas for girlfriends—but how do you pick the perfect piece? How do you make sure to gift something that she doesn’t already have?

What if we told you that you could surprise the special lady in your life with a jewellery gift that keeps giving every time there’s a special occasion to celebrate?

Mix & Match Style with Our New ETERNITY Bracelet
The ETERNITY Bracelet follows a jewellery concept that you might be familiar with: allowing for full customization and the opportunity to add to it for years to come.


The process starts by selecting a leather bracelet as the base (there are also a range of sterling silver bracelets such as the snake bracelet, Harmony mesh bracelet and bangles). You select the specific leather colour to suit the needs and style of your unique lady.

Pro Gift-Giving Tip: Does your lady like silver or gold jewellery pieces better? Make sure you ask before buying something new so that you can make sure that your gift ideas for girlfriends match up appropriately!

Once you’ve decided on a leather bracelet base, you can add a number of decorative pieces to suit the woman who will be receiving it as a gift.

ETERNITY Fastener Bead

The fastener bead is intended to secure the bracelet in place and you only need one… but they also serve an ornate decorate effect and can be stacked to include multiple fastener beads per Eternity Bracelet!

 If you’re looking for a suggestion, our Rosebud Fastener is made of sterling silver, rose gold, and cubic zirconia—a gorgeous piece for any gift-giving occasion:


Once you’ve built a solid foundation, mix and match with other clips and charms.


ETERNITY clips follow simple but beautiful patterns, oftentimes inspired by nature, such as this Flower ETERNITY Clip:


ETERNITY Charms are the perfect way to demonstrate your understanding and appreciation for your recipient’s hobbies and interests, like this pretty pink ballet slippers charm:


But ETERNITY charms can also represent interests of a more mythological nature, such as this Golden Dove Charm:

So start with one charm or clip or grab a few at a time! ETERNITY charms and clips make for some of the best gift ideas for girlfriends for years to come.

 As such, the real fun comes from building out your ETERNITY Bracelet over time—and surprising your special lady with new adornments to add to her collection at every special gift-giving occasion.

Additional Jewelry Gift Ideas for Girlfriends from KIGU of London

Not sure that your special someone will fall in love with an ETERNITY bracelet? Not to worry, there are plenty of other options worth considering for a woman with distinct taste.

KIGU of London draws inspiration from our base of operations in the United Kingdom’s Jewellery Quarter to bring you a number of gorgeous jewellery collections based on a variety of themes:

Each of these jewellery collections focus on a specific design: a simple but iconic shape. Each collection features distinct bracelet designs but there are also several necklaces, earrings, and rings to choose from.

Our Lotus jewellery collection features some beautiful two-tone pieces, such as this bracelet design:

If your lady finds beauty in simplicity, than perhaps this Lotus Silver Ring is just the ticket:

Follow a similar pattern as you would with the ETERNITY bracelet and buy one piece at a time, for various gift-giving occasions. Since we’re always coming out with new designs, it will be awhile until you have to think of new gift ideas for girlfriends!

Or, if it’s an especially momentous occasion—why not spring for the whole set? Your lady will be blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Final Thoughts: The Best Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Finding the perfect gift ideas for girlfriends doesn’t have to be a mad dash back to the drawing board as soon as any major gift-giving occasion starts to loom near. When you give the gift of an ETERNITY bracelet, you’re creating a solid foundation for gift-giving for many years—and occasions—to come.

Once you fill up your ETERNITY bracelet, or just feel like switching things up, take a look at our expansive jewellery offerings. KIGU of London prides itself on high quality and exceptional standards of craftsmanship. For these reasons, you’ll frequently see our work worn by some of your favorite celebrities!

With free shipping over £50, free luxury gift packaging over £40, and returns and exchanges available up to 50 days after purchase, there’s no safer bet than shopping with KIGU of London. Happy gift-giving!

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