Spread the Love with Our Heart-Adorned Jewellery

Gift BoxWe’ve all got special people in our lives who mean a lot to us, which is why we put plenty of thought into the types of gifts we buy for them. But what if your gift could show how much they mean to you? It absolutely can!

Instead of saying it with flowers, give the gift of love to your nearest and dearest with our heart-embellished jewellery. We have a huge selection available, from decorated rose gold rings for women to delightful charms that are compatible with most popular charm bracelet brands.

Why Give Hearts?

The classic heart shape has been used since the middle ages to represent feelings of love and affection and you can find it anywhere from jewellery designs and greeting card illustrations to balloons and bunting. It has even been used to replace the word “love” in popular I “heart” city t-shirts you’ll find in tourist shops around the world.

Hearts are traditionally used to express love and are one of the most popular symbols around the world. In fact, the heart was the second-most-used emoji by English speaking Apple product users in 2017! Have you ever looked at how many hearts you share in a day? The symbol doesn’t just mean a romantic type of love – people often swap hearts with family, friends, celebrities and influencers they admire.

Who Should You Give Your Heart (Gift) to?

That’s for you to decide! While our partners are often the main source of our affection, we regularly show love to many people around us. From love shown to our families to time spent with good friends, we love many people in different ways.

You could gift a heart-themed charm bracelet to your mum or sister, or give a heart-inspired ring to your best friend. Of course, hearts are a fantastic way to show affection between loved-up couples and you could even go the extra mile and treat them to a custom piece of heart-themed jewellery to really show them just how much you care!

Our range of stunning jewellery includes a collection dedicated to sharing a piece of your heart, from decorated silver and gold charms to beautiful rose gold rings for women. With a wide range of finishes and styles to choose from, we are sure to have the perfect piece for saying “I love you” to that special someone. Celebrate in style with KIGU of London.

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